Outstanding Achievement



Ladophar is the pride of the Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry with the Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) at the 22nd Asia Pacific Quality Conference.

The GPEA is a prestigious award for quality of a company due to its strictly nominating and award criteria which are based on Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award and European Foundation for Quality Management  (EFQM) with 7 criteria:

  1. The role of leadership
  2. Strategy
  3. Customers and market oriented policies
  4. Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management
  5. HR management and development 
  6. Operational managemen
  7. Organization performance

2016 Q CATBD




Q CLQG 2014

Q CLQG 2015


In its glorious heritage journey, Ladophar received the National Quality Gold Award for the second consecutive year from 2015 to 2016, in order to be one of three The best in Vietnam is participating and excelling in the GPEA.

The GPEA 2016 award is not only a result  but also a measure of the value that Ladophar brings to the workforce, the community and, most importantly, the quality to the customer



Ladophar is again honored to receive the 9th High Quality Vietnam Product Award in 2019, this is voted by consumers thru the criteria such as Safety, Quality and Consumer Trust. This achievement proved Ladophar has continuously improved the quality of products from raw herbal materials, production processes as well as enhanced employer’s experience, competencies and capabilities to truly provide to consumers the essence of herbs to effectively care of health.

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