Throughout its 36-year heritage journeyLadophar has always considered quality as a guideline, a criterion for survival and sustainable development of the company. That quality foundation is built on four elements: qualified raw materials, qualified technologies, qualified know-how and qualified distribution network. The quality of the product always starts with qualified raw material. Ladophar currently own Artichoke and other precious herbs cultivating zone that meet GACP-WHO ( Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and GlobalGAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices). Besides that, the company also supports technique and technology as well as output guarantee for the local Artichoke farmers. High quality technology is indispensable to turn these herbal essences into quality and safe products for consumers. Ladophar currently possesses three manufacturing factories with advanced  technology production lines that meet Good Manufacturing Practice of World Health Organization ( GMP-WHO) for pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and HACCP as a standard for health supplement manufacturing industry in Vietnam. However, that system cannot bring the company to success without  hands and brains of Ladophar specialists . With the investment in pharmaceutical research, Ladophar is confidently an expert on Artichoke  and other herbs. 

Qualified Raw Material

Every single herbal sprout  is  the beginning of the essence of herbs journey. At Ladophar, we believe that in order to create products with  excellent quality, herbs need to be cultivated and cared  in perfect way from the beginning. Ladophar owns an cultivating area of ​​Artichoke and other precious medicinal herbs that meet international standards GACP-WHO (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and GlobalGAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices) with perfect natural condition for herbs to be cultivated.

GACP-WHO Phyllanthus amarus
    • Clean growing areas: Herbs are cultivated in specialized areas, completely isolated from polluted environment.
    • Fertilizer: The soil should also meet the standards of medium texture with organic content of 5-7%, good humidity and drainage with PH of 6-6.5
    • Irrigation water: The source of water for irrigation from wells and reservoirs is guaranteed free from heavy metal and microorganisms  contamination and in accordance with the National Technical Regulation on water quality for irrigation QCVN 39/2011 / BTNMT. 

    Thus, the herbs are carefully treated by organic methods, calculating the best time to harvest, and carefully storaged  to contribute to the preservation of precious pharmaceutical ingredients. Besides that, the company also supports technique and technology as well as output guarantee for the local Artichoke and other precious herbs farmers.

Qualified Technology

In order to transform the perfect herbs to perfect products, modern and appropriate production lines are indispensable. Ladophar currently owns three large-scale plants with advanced herbal extraction systems that are certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam as well as HACCP certification as a standard for the health supplement manufacturing industry.

Herbal extract production line:

  1. Cleansing herbs: The system of washing conveyors combined with Ozone technology from Japan (removing the maximum impurities and residues of plant protection drugs in herbs).
  2. Herbs extraction: Apply vacuum extraction technology with low pressure and temperature to keep the active ingredients 
  3. Closed process, that meet GMP-WHO, ISO 22000:2005, with management from materials, production process to product and distribution.

Softgel production line:

  1. Closed automatic production line imported 100% from Korea with strict control from raw materials to finished products, standardized to Vietnamese Pharmacopoeia

Herbal tea production Line:

  1. Mixing and packaging area is air treatment with F8 filter (90-95% filtration level) to minimize the risk of infection.
  2. Closed automatic production line, applied of food safety and hygiene standards according to ISO 22000: 2005
  3. Control of products from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and distribution
  4. All Ladophar’s tea meets the functional food standards approved by the Department of Food Safety – Ministry of Health (tea usually only registered food).

Oral solution production line:

  1. Manufacturing factory with synchronizing and automatic production line  from the stage of preparation, filling, bottling to labeling that meet GMP WHO.

Qualified Know-How

Qualified Know-How

The precious materials and modern lines can create the standard herbal products but only the secret of the expert Ladophar can create the Essence of Herbs. Ladophar always understands that human resources are vital to creating great value products. Here, with a team of experts with knowledge and intensive experience led by Meritorious Pharmacist Mrs. Pham Thi Xuan Huong, constantly research and develop solutions for community health care from precious herbs. 

Not only that, Ladophar also owns a conservation area to research, experiment and develop rare medicinal herbs to protect and utilize invaluable resources from nature.

Qualified Distribution Network

Consumer channel: 

Ladophar’s quality products portfolio is now distributed through prestigious supermarket chains such as CoopMart, CoopMart Extra, Big C, LotteMart, Aeon Mall, and through retailers as well as chain and retail pharmacies across the country.

In the period 2018-2020, Ladophar continues to develop its network by building more advanced distribution centers: GPP Ladopharma.

Treatment Channel:

Ladophar is currently providing medicinal products for the hospital system, clinics & health care facilities throughout the country.

Raw material channel:

Providing high quality materials for 15 domestic and international partners (ROHTO, CPDPTW2, 3M CT, Pharma, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong)