After 36 years of establishment and development, Lam Dong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – Ladophar has a proud heritage in hand. Thanks to the efforts and unceasing efforts of the entire staff, Ladophar has been honored through many prestigious national and international awards, the company’s products have received the support of leaders at all levels, departments, partners and customers at domestic and foreign.

Ladophar’s first steps on this journey began in 1982 with the predecessor of Lam Dong Pharmaceutical Union Enterprise. Ladophar was born in the context that the country had just regained its independence with many difficulties and challenges in rebuilding the economy. After many conversions, on December 21, 1999, the People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province made a decision to convert the State-owned enterprise Lam Dong Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Company into Lam Dong Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Joint Stock Company before being licensed. changed its name to Lam Dong Ladophar Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in 2007.

During those 36 years, the company constantly strives to rise, overcome difficulties to win a series of prestigious awards as well as create trust in consumers. These include the Vietnam Quality Awards in the years 2004-2005, the National Quality Silver Award for three consecutive years from 2012-2014, the National Quality Gold Award in 2015 and the culmination of the International Quality Award Asia Pacific in Global Excellence. Not only that, Ladophar was also honored to receive the 3rd class Labor Medal in 2009 and 2nd class in 2018 awarded by the President of the country. These achievements are due to the efforts and dedication of each Ladophar staff.

Quality ingredients

Each herbal sprout is the beginning of the journey of the essence of herbs. At Ladophar, we believe that in order to create products with excellent quality, medicinal herbs need to be cultivated and cared for perfectly from the very beginning. Ladophar currently owns a raw material area of ​​artichokes and other precious medicinal herbs that meet international standards of GACP-WHO (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and Global GAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices) in Lam Dong with perfect natural conditions for plants to grow. pharmaceutical development.

  • Clean growing areas: Medicinal plants are grown in specialized areas, completely isolated from the polluted environment.
  • Soil: The soil must also meet the standards of medium flesh texture with an organic content of 5-7%, moisture retention and good drainage with a pH of 6-6.5.
  • Water source: Irrigation water from boreholes and water reservoirs is guaranteed to be free from heavy metal and microbiological contamination according to the National Technical Regulation on quality of water used for irrigation QCVN 39/2011/BTNMT.

Therefore, herbal plants are carefully cared for by organic methods, calculated the best harvest time, and carefully preserved to contribute to preserving the content of valuable medicinal substances. In addition, the company also provide technical and technological support and ensure output for households growing artichokes and other precious herbal plants.

Quality technology

To convert perfect medicinal herbs into perfect products, modern and suitable production lines are indispensable. Ladophar currently owns 3 large-scale factories with high extraction line systems that are certified with Good Manufacturing Practice standards as recommended by the World Health Organization (GMP WHO) for the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam as well as achieving HACCP certification as the standard for the dietary supplement industry.

Herbal medicine production line:

  1. Washing medicinal herbs: Conveyor washing system combined with ozone aeration with Japanese technology (maximum removal of impurities and pesticide residues on medicinal herbs).
  2. High concentration: Applying vacuum condensing technology: reducing pressure and temperature thereby preserving active ingredient content.
  3. The closed process meets GMP – WHO, ISO 22000: 2005 Control from raw materials, production process to finished products, distribution.

Soft capsule production line:

  1. The production line system is 100% imported from Korea, fully automatic and self-contained.
  2. Strict control from raw materials to finished products. Meets standards according to Vietnamese pharmacopoeia, TCVN

Tea production line:

  1. The preparation and packaging areas are air-treated with F8 filters (90-95% filtration). Reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Closed chain.
  3. Applying food safety and hygiene standards according to ISO 22000:2005
  4. Control products from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, distribution.
  5. All Ladophar’s tea meets the functional food standards licensed by the Food Safety Department – Ministry of Health (usually tea is only registered as food).

Liquid drug production line:

  1. Completely closed line: Dispensing – Filling – Packing.
  2. Equipment synchronization and automation from the stage of Dispensing, Filling, bottling to labeling
  3. The factory complies with GMP – WHO standards for herbal medicines.

Knowledgeable & experienced team

With precious raw materials and modern production lines, it is possible to create satisfactory herbal products, but only the know-how of Ladophar experts can create the Essence of Medicinal Plants. Ladophar always understands that human resources are the vital factor in creating excellent value products. Here, with a team of experts with deep knowledge and in-depth experience led by Excellent Doctor Pham Thi Xuan Huong, constantly research and develop solutions for community health care from precious herbs.

Not only that, but Ladophar also owns a reserve for research, testing and development of rare and precious medicinal herbs to protect and take advantage of invaluable natural resources.

Quality partner

Implementing the strategy of bringing the essence of herbs to life & enhancing the Vietnamese brand, Ladophar has been developing a distribution network of finished products as well as pharmaceutical ingredients at domestic and foreign.


Consumer channel:

Ladophar’s quality product portfolio is currently distributed through reputable supermarket chains such as CoopMart, CoopMart Extra, Big C, LotteMart, Aeon Mall and throughout retail stores as well as chain and retail pharmacies nationwide.

In the period 2018-2020, Ladophar continues to develop its network by building more high-end distribution points: the GPP Ladopharma pharmacy chain.

Treatment channel:

Ladophar is currently supplying therapeutic drugs to the system of hospitals, clinics & healthcare facilities across the country.

Raw material channel:

Supplying high quality raw materials to 15 domestic and international partners (ROHTO, CPDPTW2, CTY 3M, BV Pharma Joint Stock Company, Quang Ninh Pharmaceutical Company, Hai Duong…)



Ladophar’s products have been trusted and used in strategic markets such as France, Korea as well as neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region since the 1990s.

In the future, the development of international markets is one of the key goals of the sales team, potential markets can be mentioned such as Canada, Germany, Japan, USA, Australia, Hong Kong & China.